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Three Pass Superheated Water Boiler

CTR Series

Liquid and gas fired, three pass superheated water boiler.

Capacity: 1600-5000 kW
Maximum Operating Temperature: 140 °C
Maximum Operating Pressure: 16 bar

  • Computer Aided Design in compliance with latest European Norms.
  • Suitable for heavy duty operation conditions, as well peak and fluctuating demands.
  • Suitable for long distance central city heating systems.
  • Maximum benefit from heating surface with Wet-Back design
  • Burner selection flexibility
  • Low firing rate, more effective use of radiation heat transfer surfaces, very low combustion emissions in combustion chamber.
  • %96 efficiency with economizer, savings on fuel.
  • Long therm economical usage, low operating costs due to low specific load rate
  • Symmetrical heat transfer surface regulation, flue-gas tubes without turbulator, very low chimney gas emissions.
  • Due to bigger water volume, no restriction for minimum water flow rate, reduced number of switch – ons fort he burner, can be
  • operated at turn-down ratios down to %35 of nominal load.

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